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CWS’s mission is to digitize 100% of our client's commercial transactions

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Increase customer loyalty by unifying clients and sales team's journey via self-service and integrated platform

Gain commercial agility and develop your own marketplace with multi-inventory from your company and partners 

Enhance the digital experience of your recurring clients and boost your sales

CWS is an unique commerce platform offering multifunctional capabilities designed to empower enterprise companies in digitizing their commercial processes. 

In a unified solution, CWS Platform facilitates an integrated client and salesperson journey, enabling customers to place self-orders and salespersons to place orders on behalf of their clients.

CWS Platform enables integration with multi-inventories, diverse pricing structures, and a variety of payment solutions, that are required in complex B2B companies.

Integrated with Artificial Intelligence, CWS not only streamlines your operations but also empowers the data of commercial relationships with clients and salespersons, capturing valuable customer behavior data for strategic decisions.

CWS Platform is a distinctive commerce platform, dedicated to support business in their real digital transformation, with a global solution for multiple languages and currencies.

An unique commerce platform integrated with AI

Scalability, Security, and Flexibility

State-of-the-Art SaaS Platform Developed with Leading Technologies

Premier Infrastructure


Open API

Based on AWS server infrastructure, incorporating the latest in technological advancements

Flexible and scalable development, ensuring updates, performance and better adaptability

Seamless integration with internal systems (ERP and CRM) enabling real time data update

Full Scalable

High Security

In Cloud

Easy access with high security, cost-efficiency and reliable backup

Employment of leading technologies: React for front-end, GoLang for back-end, Redis for caching, ElasticSearch for search, and Docker for maximizing performance

Multi-layered security approach, including short-lived API tokens, dual authentication layers, data encryption, HTTPS certification, and robust data protection

Front-End and Back-End unified in a single commerce platform

A platform developed with leading-edge technologies globally 

An innovative platform that utilizes the latest technologies available worldwide

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Alexandre Brunchport

Valdevir Mendes

Marcelo Maehara

Head of Multichannel at Wurth Latam

Strategic Planning Coordinator

Aftermarket Sales Director at Tracbel

"CWS has a working dynamic that always aims to understand its client's business model, in order to jointly develop the most suitable solution for the digitization of operations. Rodobens and CWS are together on a mission to promote the best digital experience for our salesperson and customer"

"The commitment of the team and the quick understanding of our business model by the top management of CWS have been beyond our best expectations and crucial to the great achievements that Wurth Brasil has made so far. Wurth and CWS are working together as pioneers of B2B digitalization in Brazil"

"CWS was our important partner in digital transformation and accelerated our sales when they helped us understand that the challenges of omnichannelity were not just about selling on the Internet"

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