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Empower your business with the CWS Platform – your key to dominating the digital market. 

Our innovative platform caters to all your purchasing and selling scenarios in a single digital journey. 

Don't lag behind: choose flexibility, expand sales, and go digital with CWS Platform.

Empowering Enterprises with Seamless Digital Journeys

Partner with CWS Platform to adapt your enterprise for unparalleled online success. Dive into the success stories of our clients who have elevated revenue, service capacity, and profit margins through our digital solutions.

CWS Platform:

Your Path to Digital Success

Easier to Implementate

  • Fast-track your digital transformation with the quickest implementation in the market
  • Multiple features for complex sales scenarios and personalized sales funnels

More Cost-Effective

  • Reduce implementation, integration and maintenance costs with a single commerce tecnology provider
  • Natively integrated modules can be easily added to upgrade your platform's capabilities at any stage

More Innovative and Technological

  • Architectural excellence with APIs and microservices for cutting-edge performance
  • 100% cloud infrastructure using the best technologies to ensure high scalability and security

An innovative platform that uses the latest technologies available around the world

Amplify Your Results with CWS Platform

Upsell and Cross-sell Opportunities

Through suggestions of complementary and substitute products, the platform increases the average transaction value, maximizing revenue.

Improved Negotiation Efficiency

Deals closures are faster than ever with customers and the sales team using the CWS Platform to place orders and negotiate in real-time.

Quick Return on Investment (ROI)

With a high impact on the company's total sales, the CWS Platform generates a much faster return on investment than old-fashioned commerce platforms.

Natively integrated CWS Platform Modules

Unlock a comprehensive and seamlessly integrated solution with our modules. From Digital Catalog to AI Copilot, we provide an unmatched digital experience for all your project requirements.


Marketplace Center

Online Catalog

B2B Commerce

Turn visitors into customers with 24/7 product sales opportunities

Make your products available online with comprehensive technical information

Generate revenue without investing in inventory through third-party integration

Serve your B2B customers with personalized journeys and pricing

AI Shopper Assistant


Shopper Pro


Empower your sales force with a real-time negotiation journey

Provide an interactive browsing journey for the selesperson improve your conversion rate

Increase your sales team's efficiency with AI assistance during customer service

Access a wide variety of products already registered in a simple and efficient manner

Marketing Booster




Offer your customers a convenient experience with access through the app

Notify your customers through messages about orders, promotions and others

Access valuable insights into your operations and customers in real-time

Share news, videos, and podcasts to boost your brand engagement



Obtenha insights valiosos sobre a sua operação e clientes em tempo real

Divulgue notícias, vídeos, podcasts para aumentar o engajamento da sua marca

Why should I digitize my business today?

With 100% of transactions heading towards digital realms, digitization is no longer a choice, but a strategic imperative. Here are a few reasons why embracing Digital Transformation today is key to staying ahead of your current competitors and digital threats:

Digital companies are more profitable

Digital leaders can achieve over 3 percentage points higher operating margins compared to their competitors. By digitizing your processes, you're not just keeping up; you're seizing a competitive edge.

Source: 'Bringing Your Digital B2B Sales Up to Speed'; BCG

Customers want to be served digitally

The profile of your customer is changing rapidly. They demand seamless, digital experiences, making online purchases for all their needs. Digitizing your sales and processes is crucial to meeting these evolving expectations.

Incumbents are losing share to digital disruptors

In a world where new digital businesses are gaining ground, traditional models face a decline in opportunities. By embracing digital, you position your business to outperform competitors and gain a market share.

Image: Money transformed – The future of currency in a digital world. F&D – June 2018 – IMF. Adapted

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